Net Size Guide

Loop Count

Simply count the amount of net loops / hooks your rim has. 

If your rim doesn't have any net loops / hooks, select "Loopless Rim (Net Ties Included)" option & your rim size for Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Net or Mini Hoop Chain Net and we will make a perfect net which comes with net ties.

Net Size / Rim's Diameter

Method #1: Take any ruler or tape measure and measure the distance between any two opposite sides of the rim. Once you have your measurement taken, select the range it fits in for any of our nets. For example if your rim's diameter is 9" (23cm), select S (Fits 8"-10.25" Rims) as your net size.

Method #2: In case you don't have any of these tools, grab any credit card and count how many times you can fit it inside the rim (see image above). Standard credit cards around the world measure 3.3" (8.4cm) in length, so you simply need to multiply this number by the amount of times the card fits inside the rim. For example: if your card fits inside the rim 3 times your calculation would be 3 x 3.3in = 9.9in. In this case you would need to select S (Fits 8"-10.25" Rims) because your hoop size fits inside this range. The result can be a rough estimate as our nets fit a range of rim sizes.

Our nets fit ALL mini basketball hoops including all of the most well-known mini hoop brands such as:

  • JustInTymeSports
  • SKLZ
  • RamGoal
  • Spalding Slam Jam
  • TEKK Nate Robinson
  • Pop-A-Shot
  • H2O Hoops
  • All others

Pro Mini Basketball Net (Custom Size) can be made to fit rims up to 18in (46cm) and have up to 12 loops.